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7/31/17 1:50 PM

How VPs of Sales Should Influence The 2018 Annual Operating Plan

Your company's 2018 annual operating plan will be the essential foundation for almost every strategic decision you make as VP of Sales. This constitutes the first step in your sales planning blueprint. Make sure you're an integral part of this stage of the planning process. That is, make sure the assumptions are not made solely by your CFO's spreadsheet. You need to be in the room at the very beginning to provide perspective on what your team achieved last year, what they're capable of achieving next year, and what resources you'll need.

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7/21/17 10:14 AM

A Blueprint for Your 2018 Sales Planning

Sales planning season is almost upon us. Numbers need crunching. Stakeholders need wrangling. Process needs defining. Objectives need agreeing. Nobody is better positioned than sales operations to shepherd the organization to victory.

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7/11/17 12:00 PM

5 Takeaways from the Bay Area’s Best Sales Operations Meetups

Over the past few weeks the OpsPanda team has had the pleasure of sponsoring, co-hosting, and attending some of San Francisco’s best Sales Operations meetups. We’ve heard Sales Ops leaders  from the likes of Salesforce, Yelp, Shape Security, MongoDB, Anomali and more discuss some of the profession’s biggest challenges and how to combat them. While no two businesses are alike, it’s safe to say that there are common experiences all Sales Operation leaders share regardless of their industry, company size or years of experience.

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6/29/17 1:42 PM

Sales Operations: A Day in The Life

So you want to be in Sales Ops? Well, I have one question for you...How well can you juggle?

During interviews, I’ve been asked what my average day is like. This question invariably comes from someone outside of the Sales Ops profession. I usually pause for a moment and then reply that there is no such thing as a “typical day,” nor is the scope of Sales Operations responsibility the same from one organization to another. I should know as I’ve been in Sales Ops for more than 20 years.

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6/28/17 2:29 PM

Handbook of 10 Sales Operations Metrics

Where would sales ops be without metrics? They ensure reps are focused, prospecting is on pace, and pipelines are efficient. This sales ops metrics handbook summarizes 10 essential metrics you might want to consider tracking.

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6/23/17 3:32 PM

Red Herring’s Top 100 Tech Trends: Q&A with Jon Kondo

Last week Jon Kondo, CEO of OpsPanda, was invited to present at the 2017 Red Herring North America conference. Yesterday, I sat down with him to get a recap of the event and learn about any trends in tech that surfaced during his time in Marina del Rey, California. Read on to see what Jon had to say.

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6/14/17 2:59 PM

5 Worst Case Sales Scenarios and How to Deal With Them

This sales playbook is a lighthearted look at 5 inconvenient sales situations. From getting blindsided by unknown execs at meetings, to celebrating too early on a verbal agreement, and to drawing a blank when someone actually picks up one of your cold calls! We include methods for preventing and dealing with these sales situations when they arise. 

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6/6/17 4:55 PM

Communicate Your Sales Plan With A Roadmap

Great news: your sponsor, stakeholder and team have signed off on your team charter and are in alignment with how you are going to contribute to the success of the sales team. So, what’s next? How do you effectively communicate the agreed upon plan?

In this post, you’ll find a customizable roadmap template to help you efficiently roll-out your sales plan and deliverables to internal teams.

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6/1/17 2:30 PM

Kiss Dirty Data Goodbye with These Tips for Maintaining A Clean CRM

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) acronym was reportedly coined by Kelly Johnson, the lead engineer of Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks, back in 1960. Since then, we’ve all heard this term applied to any number of pertinent Sales Operations topics (e.g., comp plans, budgets, etc.). I believe the same K.I.S.S. principle can (and should!) be applied to your CRM.

In the age of big data, everyone likes to chop up your CRM into seemingly thousands of reporting slices. As many Sales Operations leaders are all too aware, sometimes this can yield meaningful results and other times, not so much. So, what determines the usefulness of these reports? Not surprisingly, the cleanliness of your data is a huge factor.

In a recent survey, found that 60% of data scientists’ weekly work is spent cleaning and organizing data in preparation for analysis. What’s more? A whopping 57% stated that this chore is the least enjoyable part of their work. In hopes of simplifying this daunting, ongoing task, I’ve compiled three helpful tips for maintaining a clean CRM for Sales Ops professionals, below.

Keep reading and learn how to efficiently get your data house in order.

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5/30/17 2:27 PM

What's Really Driving Your Sales Capacity?

When you hit your bookings number you may chalk it up to a rep's last minute heroics or a particularly important deal "that made the quarter." But there's always an underlying reason for why things broke the way they did. Often, the seed was planted several quarters ago.

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