3 Initial Insights From Our Sales Planning Survey

The results of our annual State of Sales Planning survey are rolling in. We wanted to start sharing out the results in (sort of) real time. We would love to hear from more of you. Please take our short, 10-question survey. Your input is highly valuable to this effort. And be sure to check back for more updates.

Fire and Forget Sales Model Assumptions 

So far it looks like 1/2 of us are having a hard time tracking the accuracy of our sales plan assumptions. This is rather concerning. We need to refine our assumptions each quarter and year to ensure our goals and resource allocations are as accurate as possible. Feel differently? Take the survey and be heard!




Your Timing is Impeccable

It warms our hearts to see how early you begin the sales planning process. You all have indicated it takes you about 2-3 months to complete the process, so your 3-4 month lead time is spot on. How's your timing? Take the survey...




This Isn't So Easy

So far the consensus is that this whole sales planning thing isn't easy. As the results come in from the other questions we'll flesh out a bit more what exactly is making this all so difficult.



Please help us broaden the pool of survey respondents! 



John Rode

Written by John Rode

John has been working closely with sales operations and demand generation teams for over a decade. He specializes in managing both the art and science of driving and analyzing pipeline growth. When not at work, John is most likely to be found running around with his kids just north of San Francisco.