A Sales Leader Playbook to Close Out the Quarter in Style

Before it’s 30 days from quarter end make sure to define your team's path to hit sales target. In the spirit of finishing the quarter in style, we created this End of Quarter Playbook to help sales leaders click into action as the quarter end draws near. Initiate your 4 actions for this playbook: identify your sales gap, categorize your pipeline deals, map your quarter climb and initiate rep close plans. 


The playbook is designed so you can copy and use it for yourself and team. Simply make the customizations you need. 



Mind Your Sales Gap

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Measuring how much you need to close in the final 30 days of the quarter should be straight forward. This is also a good time to take stock of the sales landscape to see if strategy or plan adjustments need to be made. Are sales where you expected at this point in the quarter? Is the level of competition a surprise? Do you have the number of ramped reps contributing? 


It's a good idea to add this analysis into your sales operations plan.

Whales and Flyers: Categorize Your deals

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How you categorize deals depends on your business. We’ve used the definitions below. Classics are your bread-and-butter. But if that is not enough, add Flyers and Outliers (at a discounted probability) until your forecast is “whole.” It's also helpful to monitor the performance of categorized dealsand include them as core sales operations metrics.


Classics: Deals that are following your typical pattern. 


Flyers: Your “reach” deals. They’re earlier in the pipeline than you would normally include in quarter close, but show potential for a rapid close.


Whales: Large deals. Similar to Flyers, these are not deals you normally include in the quarter end.


Outliers: Similar to Classics but something is not quite right. 

Plan The Quarter Climb

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As you begin your end of quarter push, map out how you’ll get to your sales goal. Identify way points from 30 days out to quarter end. Weekly increments work well. Plan for the % of goal your sales should be each week. Plot that against how sales progressed last quarter, or use an average if you have the data. Eventually you’ll be able to map against a range of past quarters. But keep it simple at the start. And if you don’t have snapshot data available, use your best guess and start capturing the data for the future. 

Initiate Your Close Plan

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With your path to your quarterly sales goal defined and your pipeline deals categorized it’s time to take action. Each rep should now have a clear strategy for each account. And as the sales leader you have a clear expectation for how each deal will play out. You’re not counting on the Whales, and you’ve discounted the chances of the Flyers and Outliers closing. Now you want reps to click into muscle memory to manage deals in each category.


Be on the lookout for additional Sales Playbooks from us in the near future!




John Rode

Written by John Rode

John has been working closely with sales operations and demand generation teams for over a decade. He specializes in managing both the art and science of driving and analyzing pipeline growth. When not at work, John is most likely to be found running around with his kids just north of San Francisco.