Rise to The Occasion: Four Ways Sales Operations Can Serve as a Trusted Advisor

For the last 20 years I’ve reported to many different positions and departments. I’ve reported directly to the CEO, the CFO, the VP of Sales and the VP of Sales Operations. During that time, one of the constants is the role Sales Operations plays in being the steady voice of reason in the Sales and leadership dynamic.

Keep reading to learn four ways you can bring more value as a trusted advisor to your Sales Ops role.



Know Where The Bodies Are Buried
Through years of experience we can tell when a rep is sandbagging and when they’re being overzealous. What’s more, when Sales Ops has deal desk responsibilities, we can tell you with almost absolute certainty that a deal is not coming in because we haven’t even issued a quote yet. Conversely, when we’re churning out supplier information requests with bank routing information, there’s a high likelihood that deal is coming in.

Spare Your CEO of Surprises
I’ve learned over the years that nobody, especially the CEO, likes to be surprised, whether it’s good or bad. Better to let them know early that there’s a good possibility of missing the quarter as soon as possible. We can also let the executive team know when we are poised to beat our number, even when Sales is forecasting something far less. In doing so, we earn our stripes as the trusted advisor.



Harness The Power of Your Data
Sales Operations is also the hub of the corporate wheel through which data flows. We are uniquely situated to be privy to a lot of critical information. As Peter Parker’s (Spiderman) Uncle Ben once said “with great power comes great responsibility.” Sales Operations has access to a ton of data (and the power of the information that comes with it). It is our responsibility not to just crunch and report it but to also look for trends – both good and bad – and alert the necessary function heads of any icebergs in sight.

Alert Stakeholders of Changes in Course
As the trusted advisor with a lot data, it is Sales Ops’ job to ensure our customers, the executive team and other pertinent parties, have the necessary information to effectively run the company. This means proactively alerting them to any and all deviations from the company plan. The plan isn’t necessarily just the bookings and revenue number, it is also the number of quarterly new leads, conversion rates and product mix. Generally speaking, anything and everything that is the medley of ingredients combined in various quantities to make a company run. 








By rising to the occasion, Sales Operations can not only perform their day-to-day functions that keeps the company moving forward, but we can also add a tremendous amount of value to the company as a trusted advisor. If you aren’t speaking up with respect and helping keep the company ship righted today, you’re not too late. When we are proactive and do our job well, everything runs more smoothly.



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Michael Ingardia

Written by Michael Ingardia

Michael applies more than 20 years of Sales Operations experience to his role at Bracket Computing. He’s known for his strong background of managerial and analytical skills. Using a variety of systems and leveraging solid business relationships with department heads across the entire organization, Michael has a history of efficiently and effectively creating, managing and growing all aspects of Sales Operations.