Rock Your Next Board Meeting With This Sales Deck Template

A great board of directors gives the VP of Sales the strategic advice he or she needs to scale the company. But they can't do that if the Sales story isn't clear. We made this presentation template to enable Sales to better visualize and articulate its story so your Board presentation is sharp, on point and looking great.



This PowerPoint template is easy to customize. We kept the design clean and simple so it won't take much effort to modify it, or just steal some of the concepts. Do what you like - it's all yours! 

Conclusions Coming at Ya

Let's get to it. Your Board members are busy people and the best way to pique their interest is to hit them with the hard truth. What's working? What's not? And what are you going to do about it? Hitting these points sets the table for deeper discussion.




Let them know you'll dig into each item so they don't interrupt (too much) or get anxious. And give them your hypothesis on why things are going well or not.


"We beat our Q1 number by 5%. We certainly have challenges, but we believe our sales plan is reasonable. Q2 is setting up nicely and may beat our target by 10% or more. However, as we'll talk about in a bit, we have storm clouds we'll need to clear to maintain this pace later in the year."


Ideally, they can now view everything else you say through the lens you just handed them. 

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Ding, Your Metrics Are ready

I'll admit, being able to present a metrics slide this concise takes homework with your Board - you need to have agreed on the key sales metrics for your business. When determining your key metrics, you should already have this slide in mind. This is your goal. Of course, the metrics below are just a sample. These vary by business. And should there be any positive or negative aberrations from your plan and goals, you should have additional data to drill in and discuss the root cause. This helps to avoid gut-feel and subjective perspectives on what might be happening. Beware this can be a slippery slope. Too much data (and constantly reacting to requests for more data) can lead to bloated Board meetings, tactical thinking, and analysis paralysis. However, some businesses may require this level of analysis. If so, make sure your sales operations is staffed appropriately to deliver on it.



A key piece of advice, whenever appropriate, show results versus goal. This immediately lets the Board know whether to be happy or sad. They need something to anchor their thinking to.

Fun-nel! Fun-nel!

Everyone loves the funnel. Few images are able to represent so much effort, so many resources, hope and broken dreams. Orrr, something like that.


Again, it's good to show how pipeline vs. goal. And it's usually only useful to show this for later stages of the pipeline where deals have been vetted and close rates are 25%+. It even helps to do the math for them by showing how far above or below goal the pipeline is by stage. Depending on the geographic scope of your business and product line, you may have multiple funnels to present.



Of course the size of each stage isn't to scale. Nobody wants to see a sad, skinny funnel!


The Top 10 List

Hopefully your Board is staying out of the weeds and is happy to discuss just your top 10 deals for the quarter. Choose a combination of your largest deals and strategic ones, such as a smaller deal at a large company with land-and-expand potential. You may want to have two slide to show both won/lost deals from last quarter and pending deals on the board for the current quarter.



Before Sales Come People

In order to scale you need the right people comped at the proper rate. And your flow of candidates, new hires and onboarded reps demands your attention so you don't fall short down the line. It's also important to keep track of why you're rejecting people, and why they're rejecting you, so you can recalibrate your efforts if needed. You may not have the volume to reach data-driven decisions, so the Board's qualitative feedback may prove useful. Depending on your sales model and hiring needs you may want to break this view out by sales reps, pre-sales and others.



How Long Is This Going to Take?

When used in combination with your performance against goal, trends over time are a powerful way to tell your story to the Board. It also prevents them from having to flip back through old Board presentations to find previous figures.





There are more slides in the template that we could discuss, but at this point you might as well just download it and get to work!





John Rode

Written by John Rode

John has been working closely with sales operations and demand generation teams for over a decade. He specializes in managing both the art and science of driving and analyzing pipeline growth. When not at work, John is most likely to be found running around with his kids just north of San Francisco.