Take a Strategic Breather With This Sales Executive QBR Template

The sales Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is when each rep has to bare his or her soul. Exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kids. Pink Floyd lyric? Anybody? Anywho, before the grilling begins, sales executives might consider subjecting themselves to an executive QBR. This is your chance to analyze how well your sales plan is playing out, and make needed adjustments. That was definitely not a lyric.


To help you on your way to QBR bliss, we created this executive sales QBR template. Chock full of scatter charts, bar graphs and radial charts, this 9-slide template will help you recap the previous quarter and review your strategic direction. You'll find some of these slides are similar to the Board Deck Template we recently created. Ideally, much of what you create for your QBR carries over to the BoD. Below we summarize four of the slides. Download the whole thing and you can customize it to your needs.





1. Identify Your Gap

Stating clearly where your bookings stands is of course an important part of a QBR. It helps to put the quarter within the context of historicals and your future plan. There's always a reason why you're on-plan or off-plan. It's critical to keep your assumptions fresh, such as your sales resource planning, so the dreaded bookings gap doesn't follow you across quarters.







2. The Metrics That Drive Your Business

Of all the variables you've built into your sales plan, there should be 3-5 that receive the majority of your attention. These are the ones with the potential to swing a quarter if you get them wrong. Or more importantly, throw off a series of quarters if you're not paying close attention. This is perhaps the most important part of your QBR. Carefully tuning the parameters that make up your sales plan is the key to making your future quarters.







3. A View of the World 

If your business is international in nature, it probably makes sense to apply each sales metric in this template to each region, from bookings to headcount, and from pipeline to close rate.







4. A Look at the Quarter Ahead

Taking a tactical look at the next quarter, it's good to view deals by close date and stage to see how well your pipeline is loaded. A scatterplot like this can be a little more challenging to create, but the visual story it tells is impactful. You can create similar charts for metrics like days in a particular stage to get a sense for how fluid your pipeline is.








We will continue to innoate on interesting ways to help you conceptualize your strategies and tactics so you can be as effective as possible. In the future it's likely we'll create a similar QBR template you can use with your sales reps. More soon!





John Rode

Written by John Rode

John has been working closely with sales operations and demand generation teams for over a decade. He specializes in managing both the art and science of driving and analyzing pipeline growth. When not at work, John is most likely to be found running around with his kids just north of San Francisco.