Sales Ops Holiday Wish List

The holidays can be a stressful time for many, and not just due to the cooking, decorating, shopping, travel, and parties that go into celebrating the season. During the holidays many business professionals are planning for next year, preparing to close out the year with last minute deals, and creating EOY reports. 


While there may be little time for Sales Operations professionals to enjoy all the holiday cheer, they still have plenty of items on their holiday wish list. Whether you're in Sales Ops or just work with Sales Ops, this wish list we compiled will give you some insight into what they really want this holiday season to get them through next year. 


No More Excel Errors 


90% of spreadsheets contain errors, and some of these errors have had some very severe consequences... Remember the cut and paste error that cost JP Morgan $6 billion, or Fannie Mae's "honest mistake made in a spreadsheet" that accounted for a $1.3 billion error? Sales Ops professionals are no strangers to the errors that appear in spreadsheets and I'm sure every time they see "#VALUE!," "REF!," "#NULL" these stories come to mind. While some excel errors are easy enough to fix (thanks Google). Sales Ops deals with the added stress of having to share their sales plan workbook with several stakeholders; and believe me, it can be quite a daunting task to figure out who made the change that caused the error, what the error is, what other cells if affected, and how you can fix it. Ah what Sales Ops wouldn't give to never see excel errors again. 


Time to Focus on Strategy 


With all the responsibilities that come with being in Sales Ops it's hard to imagine how you could ever possibly free up time for tactical day-to-day tasks to focus on strategy. Countless fire drills, ensuring your CRM doesn't contain dirty data, managing the ins and outs of sales employees, paying and calculating commissions, and assisting in (or sometimes owning) sales enablement, who has the time to strategize? Wouldn't it be nice to get away from the daily grind? Some of our previous blogs cover a few ways in which Sales Ops can become a strategic partner, you can check them out here and here. The key is to find a sales tool that can do your heavy lifting so you can focus on strategic ways to ensure the success of your business, after all, being a spreadsheet jockey is only fun for so long. 


Analytics Coupled with Reports 


Unfortunately this time of year Sales Ops leaders don't have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, with EOY reporting either in full swing (or very close to being in full swing), they are thinking of data 24/7; so streamlined analytics and reports that are easily accessible and presentable would be a dream come true. Think about it, with an easier way to draw conclusions from all of your complex data, there'd definitely be more time to focus on strategy. 


Ability to Plan Multiple Scenarios 


In a recent survey we conducted, 87% of sales leaders stated that running scenarios was the toughest part of sales planning. So we know this is one of the "most wanted" items on Sales Ops' list. An easy way to not only create multiple scenarios, but the ability to compare them side-by-side in order to see the variance and impact of different assumptions would be sure to put a big smile on any Sales Ops professionals face. 


An Easier Way to Reconcile Actuals to Plan 


It can be quite time consuming for Sales Ops to pull together all of their company's actual data, then creating a way to easily compare it to their original sales plan to see the variance in things like hiring, attrition and quota attainment. Which is probably why we see many companies revisit their plan only once a year, if at all. there are a lot of benefits to continuous planning (i.e. looking at your actuals vs plan on a monthly basis) including more control over your business and less surprises. With an easier way to reconcile actuals to plan, Sales Ops would be better equipped to track and analyze sales performance and be able to take corrective action to ensure bookings goals are met and the business as a whole is successful. 


This isn't a very demanding wish list, check out more on OpsPanda to see how we can fulfill the items on this list. What's on your wish list this year? 




Alex Dwyer

Written by Alex Dwyer

Alex is the Senior Marketing Manger at OpsPanda who has an extensive background in running dynamic marketing programs for tech startups. Considered a “marketing athlete” by her colleagues, Alex enjoys working closely with Sales teams to ensure the successful alignment of both the Sales and Marketing departments. In her spare time she can be found thinking about, talking about or being at Soul Cycle, as well as reading New York Times Best Sellers and planning her next global adventure.