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6/1/17 2:30 PM

Kiss Dirty Data Goodbye with These Tips for Maintaining A Clean CRM

The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) acronym was reportedly coined by Kelly Johnson, the lead engineer of Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks, back in 1960. Since then, we’ve all heard this term applied to any number of pertinent Sales Operations topics (e.g., comp plans, budgets, etc.). I believe the same K.I.S.S. principle can (and should!) be applied to your CRM.

In the age of big data, everyone likes to chop up your CRM into seemingly thousands of reporting slices. As many Sales Operations leaders are all too aware, sometimes this can yield meaningful results and other times, not so much. So, what determines the usefulness of these reports? Not surprisingly, the cleanliness of your data is a huge factor.

In a recent survey, found that 60% of data scientists’ weekly work is spent cleaning and organizing data in preparation for analysis. What’s more? A whopping 57% stated that this chore is the least enjoyable part of their work. In hopes of simplifying this daunting, ongoing task, I’ve compiled three helpful tips for maintaining a clean CRM for Sales Ops professionals, below.

Keep reading and learn how to efficiently get your data house in order.

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5/18/17 11:47 AM

Take a Strategic Breather With This Sales Executive QBR Template

The sales Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is when each rep has to bare his or her soul. Exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kids. Pink Floyd lyric? Anybody? Anywho, before the grilling begins, sales executives might consider subjecting themselves to an executive QBR. This is your chance to analyze how well your sales plan is playing out, and make needed adjustments. That was definitely not a lyric.

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5/4/17 12:26 PM

A Sales Leader Playbook to Close Out the Quarter in Style

Before it’s 30 days from quarter end make sure to define your team's path to hit sales target. In the spirit of finishing the quarter in style, we created this End of Quarter Playbook to help sales leaders click into action as the quarter end draws near. Initiate your 4 actions for this playbook: identify your sales gap, categorize your pipeline deals, map your quarter climb and initiate rep close plans. 

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4/11/17 1:00 PM

The Q1 Sales Crunch Is Over, Now What?


Many of you have just completed the first quarter of your fiscal year. If you met your Q1 plan, congratulations! If you didn’t, can you catch up in Q2?

If you didn’t make your number, you are probably already doing a deep dive analysis to figure out what went wrong and what will turn things around. Whether you made it or not, it’s important to review what went well and what could be improved moving forward — from both pipeline management and sales resource planning perspectives.

Does this sound like your current reality? Read our five-step guide on how to glean valuable lessons from Q1 and increase your chances for success in future quarters. 

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3/16/17 2:15 PM

Fight Quarter-End Fret with Sales Funnel Analysis

As a sales leader, you may wonder how you can minimize the high drama and roller coaster ride of the last few weeks of a quarter. In other words, how can you introduce predictability into your business? Listen folks, there’s no magic bullet but rest assured that there are ways to minimize the highs and lows of quarter-end. The first place to look is at the metrics of your sales funnel.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading for a play-by-play of how to minimize quarter-end drama by taking a hard look at your sales funnel metrics.

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3/3/17 2:06 PM

Sales Leaders: Ensure A Successful Q1 Before Spring Has Sprung

I remember in school there was that period between President’s Day and Spring Break that seemed so long. You had just come off the holidays in December, then a long weekend, then what seemed like an eternity of full weeks of school. Not to mention, the days were short and the weather was unforgiving. Then magically, the days started getting longer, the air warmed up and Spring Break came along. Then it seemed like a downhill march to summer. I remember experiencing that cadence and see it now in my kids.

Just like school, sales has a natural cadence. There is the flurry of the year-end close — deals getting done at the very last minute, reps making club and accelerators being paid. That’s quickly followed by the excitement of Sales Kickoff (SKO) — bringing everyone together, awards being given, new product introductions and sales training. Then comes along the “long, dark winter” of Q1 — territories changing, pipelines flushed, the scoreboard set back to zero and reps deciding whether they’re ready for another year.

As a Sales leader and Sales Operations professional, it’s what you do in those critical weeks of Q1 that will determine whether the rest of the year is a “productive, downhill march to making the annual target” or a “long, uphill trudge to 80% achievement.”


Here are the four opportunities you need to seize post-SKO to ensure the former.

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2/21/17 12:30 PM

Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Planning Process & Stay On Track in 2017


Most of us are in the throes of Q1, when it feels like we just finished putting the last fiscal year in the books. The sales kickoff events are over and hopefully, your team is out selling, not finalizing their quota and territories. Now is the time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future with a sales strategy and the enablement tools in place to help you achieve your goals in Q1 and beyond.

Follow these three steps to improve your sales planning process, stay on track and hit your targets in 2017.



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1/10/17 7:21 PM


The Champagne has been poured, the celebrations cleaned up and now it’s back to the reality of a New Year. Whether you be on calendar quarters or on offset quarters you’re likely looking at a new sales year coming up.

For sales leaders it’s both an exciting time and a dreadful time. Of course, a beginning of a new year is always better if the end of the last one was great but that’s for another blog. Sales leaders and sales operations are feverishly tallying up the results from last year; figuring out who made club, who is #1 and unfortunately, who won’t be with them at the end of next year. They are also working on sales kickoff. What are the new initiatives for the year, new product training and a general theme for the year.


But that's not all...

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12/6/16 9:30 PM

The Year End Crunch: A Checklist To Save Your Year

Decorations are up, mall parking lots are full and holiday shopping is in full swing. Along with all the traditional indications that the year is coming to a close those of us in sales know there is another impending phenomena coming in the next few weeks, I call it the “year end crunch.”

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