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6/5/18 10:00 AM

More Accurate Sales Capacity Plans Requires Data-Driven Approach


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2/1/18 12:35 PM

The State of Sales Planning [Infographic]

We recently conducted a survey of sales and sales operations leaders to get a grasp on how most organizations are approaching their Annual Operating Plan. Some of the results were no surprise to us. People start their plans months in advance, planning takes a long time, and modeling scenarios is challenging (we did a full-blown blog about that here).


There were other results that show significant room for improvement in how sales leaders approach their sales planning process. We’ve highlighted a few of the most interesting results from our survey and provided a few tips on how you can improve your sales planning.

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11/22/17 1:03 PM

Recipe for Hitting Your Sales Targets

Ever hear the saying "great ingredients make great food"? Well, its no different in the world of sales. When it comes to hitting sales targets the ingredients you use will be the difference between a great month/quarter/year or a mediocre one.

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10/3/17 12:49 PM

Common Mistakes Sales Ops Makes During Planning Season and How to Avoid Them – Part 2

In part-one of our two-part blog on common mistakes sales ops makes during planning season, we uncovered three ways in which errors in sales planning assumptions could lead to shortfalls of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in missed bookings and sales productivity. We also provided some tips on how you can prevent these errors from occurring in your own organization. To recap part-one, we advised sales ops professionals to avoid:

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9/27/17 12:09 PM

Common Mistakes Sales Ops Makes During Planning Season and How to Avoid Them – Part 1

Most of us are well over the halfway point in our fiscal year, and it is already time to begin putting together our sales plans for next year. In fact, many Sales Ops teams already have their planning process well under way, but despite best efforts and lessons learned from past history, even the most experienced Sales Ops professionals make mistakes. In this two-part blog we will uncover 6 common planning mistakes and some tips on how you can avoid them. Read on to see if you’re guilty of any of these missteps.

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8/24/17 5:54 PM

2018 Sales Plan Template

2018 sales planning season is upon us. It's time to get serious about how you can support your sales team to help them hit their 2018 goal. In that spirit, we've created this Sales Plan Template just for you. The template is easy to customize. And hopefully along the way we help you define your plan and pepper in some best practices.

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7/31/17 1:50 PM

How VPs of Sales Should Influence The 2018 Annual Operating Plan

Your company's 2018 annual operating plan will be the essential foundation for almost every strategic decision you make as VP of Sales. This constitutes the first step in your sales planning blueprint. Make sure you're an integral part of this stage of the planning process. That is, make sure the assumptions are not made solely by your CFO's spreadsheet. You need to be in the room at the very beginning to provide perspective on what your team achieved last year, what they're capable of achieving next year, and what resources you'll need.

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5/30/17 2:27 PM

What's Really Driving Your Sales Capacity?

When you hit your bookings number you may chalk it up to a rep's last minute heroics or a particularly important deal "that made the quarter." But there's always an underlying reason for why things broke the way they did. Often, the seed was planted several quarters ago.

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1/10/17 7:21 PM


The Champagne has been poured, the celebrations cleaned up and now it’s back to the reality of a New Year. Whether you be on calendar quarters or on offset quarters you’re likely looking at a new sales year coming up.

For sales leaders it’s both an exciting time and a dreadful time. Of course, a beginning of a new year is always better if the end of the last one was great but that’s for another blog. Sales leaders and sales operations are feverishly tallying up the results from last year; figuring out who made club, who is #1 and unfortunately, who won’t be with them at the end of next year. They are also working on sales kickoff. What are the new initiatives for the year, new product training and a general theme for the year.


But that's not all...

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10/25/16 3:29 PM

4 Signs You Are Ready For A New Sales Planning Tool

Would you use a Swiss Army knife to cut down a tree? The obvious answer is no and yet today most of us are using Excel spreadsheets to develop complex sales plans. Like the Swiss Army knife spreadsheets are useful and can serve many functions but have limitations. High growth businesses, matrixed sales structures, large sales teams, and collaborative organizations are like that big tree - they’re too much for spreadsheets to handle. There comes a point in time when you need to put down the spreadsheet and grab a more purpose-built tool.


Here are some of the signs a spreadsheet is not working for you and your company:

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