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5/8/17 4:08 PM

Why Incorporating A Sales Club In Your Company’s Plan Will Pay Dividends

It’s now early May and for those who live in the Bay area, it finally feels like spring or perhaps that we have gone straight to summer. Either way  it’s a welcome change from the cold and rain  and for those on offset quarters, it may very well be the start of Q2. Recently, we’ve discussed Q1 best practices and what to accomplish in blogs and webinars; however, another event has now come and gone — Sales Club or President’s Club or 100% Club or whatever a company chooses to name it.

Yesterday, I was at lunch with some friends and we were talking about places we’ve been and nice hotels we’ve been lucky enough to stay at and some of those experiences were on “Club” trips. My friends, who are non-sales people, were amazed on how much a company may spend on Club between the hotels, airfare, meals, gifts and activities, which adds up to a healthy line item. But as I explained to them, if you think about how much revenue those Club attendees generated for the company, it becomes fairly obvious why it’s a wise investment. Here are a few topline reasons why.


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4/25/17 2:37 PM

Rock Your Next Board Meeting With This Sales Deck Template

A great board of directors gives the VP of Sales the strategic advice he or she needs to scale the company. But they can't do that if the Sales story isn't clear. We made this presentation template to enable Sales to better visualize and articulate its story so your Board presentation is sharp, on point and looking great.

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3/3/17 2:06 PM

Sales Leaders: Ensure A Successful Q1 Before Spring Has Sprung

I remember in school there was that period between President’s Day and Spring Break that seemed so long. You had just come off the holidays in December, then a long weekend, then what seemed like an eternity of full weeks of school. Not to mention, the days were short and the weather was unforgiving. Then magically, the days started getting longer, the air warmed up and Spring Break came along. Then it seemed like a downhill march to summer. I remember experiencing that cadence and see it now in my kids.

Just like school, sales has a natural cadence. There is the flurry of the year-end close — deals getting done at the very last minute, reps making club and accelerators being paid. That’s quickly followed by the excitement of Sales Kickoff (SKO) — bringing everyone together, awards being given, new product introductions and sales training. Then comes along the “long, dark winter” of Q1 — territories changing, pipelines flushed, the scoreboard set back to zero and reps deciding whether they’re ready for another year.

As a Sales leader and Sales Operations professional, it’s what you do in those critical weeks of Q1 that will determine whether the rest of the year is a “productive, downhill march to making the annual target” or a “long, uphill trudge to 80% achievement.”


Here are the four opportunities you need to seize post-SKO to ensure the former.

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2/28/17 2:00 PM

Sales Ops Meets Star Trek: 4 Tips for Defeating The No-Win Compensation Plan

When it comes to creating and rolling out compensation plans, being in Sales Ops is like attempting the infamous Kobayashi Maru test — the fictional, no-win cadet training scenario from Star Trek. We can never make everyone happy but we can aim to design a plan that will motivate your team and yield results.


Over the years, I’ve delivered thousands of comp plans to my sales teams. While there’s no secret formula to building the perfect sales compensation plan, here are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way that will help you mitigate common pain points.

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1/18/17 12:28 PM

2 Sales Comp Plans to Get AEs and SDRs Crushing It

An effective sales compensation plan strikes the fine balance between simplicity and sophistication. It's smart enough to drive sales rep behavior, and the financial outcomes you need, yet it's easy to understand to get reps selling with gusto!


To help you on the path to comp plan nirvana, we've created 2 sales comp plans (in Excel) so you can see them in action and adapt them for your own use. One is for AEs and other for SDRs.


Just click here to download them

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1/10/17 7:21 PM


The Champagne has been poured, the celebrations cleaned up and now it’s back to the reality of a New Year. Whether you be on calendar quarters or on offset quarters you’re likely looking at a new sales year coming up.

For sales leaders it’s both an exciting time and a dreadful time. Of course, a beginning of a new year is always better if the end of the last one was great but that’s for another blog. Sales leaders and sales operations are feverishly tallying up the results from last year; figuring out who made club, who is #1 and unfortunately, who won’t be with them at the end of next year. They are also working on sales kickoff. What are the new initiatives for the year, new product training and a general theme for the year.


But that's not all...

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11/15/16 2:22 PM

Do you know what ramp time is really costing you?

We all understand that losing a productive seller has a cost. When a sales manager loses a seller from their team, they lose productive selling time, both in terms of being short of quota carrying head count and the time spent recruiting and hiring a replacement. Many experts estimate that the cost of replacing a sales person can exceed 150% of their annual salary.


Then there is the cost of the new hire ramp. Once a replacement is hired, how long does it take your company to get them up to speed and fully productive? What does that cost you from a bookings perspective?


Let's look at a simple example to illustrate.


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