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10/13/17 12:07 PM

5 Scary Statistics That Haunt Sales Executives Throughout the Year


With Halloween right around the corner we've had scary movies, haunted houses and spooky costumes on our minds here at OpsPanda. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at the things that keep sales executives up at night; what we found is even scarier than what we originally imagined... 

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9/27/17 12:09 PM

Common Mistakes Sales Ops Makes During Planning Season and How to Avoid Them – Part 1

Most of us are well over the halfway point in our fiscal year, and it is already time to begin putting together our sales plans for next year. In fact, many Sales Ops teams already have their planning process well under way, but despite best efforts and lessons learned from past history, even the most experienced Sales Ops professionals make mistakes. In this two-part blog we will uncover 6 common planning mistakes and some tips on how you can avoid them. Read on to see if you’re guilty of any of these missteps.

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5/30/17 2:27 PM

What's Really Driving Your Sales Capacity?

When you hit your bookings number you may chalk it up to a rep's last minute heroics or a particularly important deal "that made the quarter." But there's always an underlying reason for why things broke the way they did. Often, the seed was planted several quarters ago.

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5/24/17 2:30 PM

New to Sales Operations? Learn 4 Ways to Embrace The Challenge


My first job in Sales Operations was a role that I didn’t chose or apply for. And to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect. The change was the result of an internal reorganization and suddenly one day, I had a new job! My previous role had been in Marketing Operations, and I felt that I was not going to be adequately prepared for the exciting world of Sales. So, for better or worse, I was now in an executive-level role within the Sales organization, wondering how the heck I got there and what I should do next!

The corporate mantra always seems to be ‘change is good’ and we need to be adaptable and flexible in the fast paced world of Silicon Valley. This is easier said than done, of course, but don’t be afraid if a reorganization puts you somewhere that you aren’t comfortable with. Let me try and provide you with some advice on how to adapt and be successful.

Keep reading to learn four ways you can embrace your first Sales Ops role.

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5/8/17 4:08 PM

Why Incorporating A Sales Club In Your Company’s Plan Will Pay Dividends

It’s now early May and for those who live in the Bay area, it finally feels like spring or perhaps that we have gone straight to summer. Either way  it’s a welcome change from the cold and rain  and for those on offset quarters, it may very well be the start of Q2. Recently, we’ve discussed Q1 best practices and what to accomplish in blogs and webinars; however, another event has now come and gone — Sales Club or President’s Club or 100% Club or whatever a company chooses to name it.

Yesterday, I was at lunch with some friends and we were talking about places we’ve been and nice hotels we’ve been lucky enough to stay at and some of those experiences were on “Club” trips. My friends, who are non-sales people, were amazed on how much a company may spend on Club between the hotels, airfare, meals, gifts and activities, which adds up to a healthy line item. But as I explained to them, if you think about how much revenue those Club attendees generated for the company, it becomes fairly obvious why it’s a wise investment. Here are a few topline reasons why.


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4/25/17 2:37 PM

Rock Your Next Board Meeting With This Sales Deck Template

A great board of directors gives the VP of Sales the strategic advice he or she needs to scale the company. But they can't do that if the Sales story isn't clear. We made this presentation template to enable Sales to better visualize and articulate its story so your Board presentation is sharp, on point and looking great.

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4/11/17 1:00 PM

The Q1 Sales Crunch Is Over, Now What?


Many of you have just completed the first quarter of your fiscal year. If you met your Q1 plan, congratulations! If you didn’t, can you catch up in Q2?

If you didn’t make your number, you are probably already doing a deep dive analysis to figure out what went wrong and what will turn things around. Whether you made it or not, it’s important to review what went well and what could be improved moving forward — from both pipeline management and sales resource planning perspectives.

Does this sound like your current reality? Read our five-step guide on how to glean valuable lessons from Q1 and increase your chances for success in future quarters. 

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3/9/17 2:00 PM

What's The Lifetime Value of A Sales Rep?


I recently had the privilege of attending SiriusDecisions 2017 Sales Leadership Exchange. It was a great opportunity to meet and share experiences with senior Sales and Sales Operations leaders. While there were many great case studies and presentations on increasing the effectiveness of sales teams, one in particular resonated with me. That session, called “The Economics of Sales Talent: Recruiting and Retaining for Faster Growth,” was centered around the concept that every Sales Rep you hire has a lifetime value (LTV) to the company.


Keep reading to learn how Rep LTV is calculated as well as other factors you should consider to ensure you are recruiting and retaining your Sales hires for optimal growth.


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3/7/17 2:00 PM

The Last Mile: Ensuring Sales Kickoff Success


Congratulations on building the right team, getting them energized and delivering a great Sales Kickoff (SKO). I am sure your team was pumped up about your updated go-to-market strategy, product roadmap and marketing initiatives as well as your new sales messaging, tools and processes. They loved the networking opportunities and interactive sessions but may still have thought there were too many PowerPoint presentations.

So, how much did they retain? Is it time for a refresher? Is certification needed to reinforce new messaging or processes? In order to turn preparation into success, it’s important to examine whether your retention and reinforcement strategies are effective enough to yield results.


Read on to learn which post-event activities your team should focus on to carry out your objectives and achieve your sales goals.


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1/24/17 1:58 PM

The Right Team, With the Right Energy Will Lead To Success


Once you have your sales targets set for the new fiscal year it is time to execute your plan to achieve your goals. Two key areas to focus on at the beginning of the year are to ramp and energize your team.


Read on to hear my thoughts on getting the right people energized to make your number.

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