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6/5/18 10:00 AM

More Accurate Sales Capacity Plans Requires Data-Driven Approach


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10/3/17 12:49 PM

Common Mistakes Sales Ops Makes During Planning Season and How to Avoid Them – Part 2

In part-one of our two-part blog on common mistakes sales ops makes during planning season, we uncovered three ways in which errors in sales planning assumptions could lead to shortfalls of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in missed bookings and sales productivity. We also provided some tips on how you can prevent these errors from occurring in your own organization. To recap part-one, we advised sales ops professionals to avoid:

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9/27/17 12:09 PM

Common Mistakes Sales Ops Makes During Planning Season and How to Avoid Them – Part 1

Most of us are well over the halfway point in our fiscal year, and it is already time to begin putting together our sales plans for next year. In fact, many Sales Ops teams already have their planning process well under way, but despite best efforts and lessons learned from past history, even the most experienced Sales Ops professionals make mistakes. In this two-part blog we will uncover 6 common planning mistakes and some tips on how you can avoid them. Read on to see if you’re guilty of any of these missteps.

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7/21/17 10:14 AM

A Blueprint for Your 2018 Sales Planning

Sales planning season is almost upon us. Numbers need crunching. Stakeholders need wrangling. Process needs defining. Objectives need agreeing. Nobody is better positioned than sales operations to shepherd the organization to victory.

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7/11/17 12:00 PM

5 Takeaways from the Bay Area’s Best Sales Operations Meetups

Over the past few weeks the OpsPanda team has had the pleasure of sponsoring, co-hosting, and attending some of San Francisco’s best Sales Operations meetups. We’ve heard Sales Ops leaders  from the likes of Salesforce, Yelp, Shape Security, MongoDB, Anomali and more discuss some of the profession’s biggest challenges and how to combat them. While no two businesses are alike, it’s safe to say that there are common experiences all Sales Operation leaders share regardless of their industry, company size or years of experience.

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6/29/17 1:42 PM

Sales Operations: A Day in The Life

So you want to be in Sales Ops? Well, I have one question for you...How well can you juggle?

During interviews, I’ve been asked what my average day is like. This question invariably comes from someone outside of the Sales Ops profession. I usually pause for a moment and then reply that there is no such thing as a “typical day,” nor is the scope of Sales Operations responsibility the same from one organization to another. I should know as I’ve been in Sales Ops for more than 20 years.

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6/14/17 2:59 PM

5 Worst Case Sales Scenarios and How to Deal With Them

This sales playbook is a lighthearted look at 5 inconvenient sales situations. From getting blindsided by unknown execs at meetings, to celebrating too early on a verbal agreement, and to drawing a blank when someone actually picks up one of your cold calls! We include methods for preventing and dealing with these sales situations when they arise. 

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5/24/17 2:30 PM

New to Sales Operations? Learn 4 Ways to Embrace The Challenge


My first job in Sales Operations was a role that I didn’t chose or apply for. And to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect. The change was the result of an internal reorganization and suddenly one day, I had a new job! My previous role had been in Marketing Operations, and I felt that I was not going to be adequately prepared for the exciting world of Sales. So, for better or worse, I was now in an executive-level role within the Sales organization, wondering how the heck I got there and what I should do next!

The corporate mantra always seems to be ‘change is good’ and we need to be adaptable and flexible in the fast paced world of Silicon Valley. This is easier said than done, of course, but don’t be afraid if a reorganization puts you somewhere that you aren’t comfortable with. Let me try and provide you with some advice on how to adapt and be successful.

Keep reading to learn four ways you can embrace your first Sales Ops role.

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4/27/17 1:48 PM

Rise to The Occasion: Four Ways Sales Operations Can Serve as a Trusted Advisor

For the last 20 years I’ve reported to many different positions and departments. I’ve reported directly to the CEO, the CFO, the VP of Sales and the VP of Sales Operations. During that time, one of the constants is the role Sales Operations plays in being the steady voice of reason in the Sales and leadership dynamic.

Keep reading to learn four ways you can bring more value as a trusted advisor to your Sales Ops role.

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4/6/17 1:30 PM

Three Ways to Elevate Sales Operations as A Strategic Sales Partner

Sometimes it may feel like the role of the Sales Ops organization is more of a rule maker than a true business partner. The Sales Operations team provides guidance and processes to ensure that a sales organization is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Of course Sales Ops wants to see the sales organization be successful, with revenue being maximized and all commissions paid on time. But the functions of managing territory assignment, compensation planning, CRM monitoring and reporting on sales metrics may seem like a lot of process and overhead for account managers just trying to retire their quotas.

How can Sales Ops be viewed as a business partner rather than just another overhead function? Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Account Manager and see how to be more relevant within the sales organization. The three key actions outlined below are a good place to start.

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